Friday, January 18, 2019

North of Lombok Island, The Best Waterfalls Ever

We’re in the north of Lombok in a little town called  Senaru and we're gonna get to the waterfalls today.
We wanted to go to two of the nicest waterfalls of Lombok, standing here below the rinjani mountain and we're going to get into the dense jungle to find these things for you. So guys we are in the jungle
There are a lot of crickets. And we already hear the sign of the waterfall, when you're quiet just after 10 minutes of walking and we continue

It's right in front of us, so guys after 20 minutes of walking we are sending in front of wonderful number one. It looks very very beautiful right it's incredible so we had to go there, you probably want to see it so let us take you there. Igive it two thumbs up.

it's nice it restrung it's a bit cook but is like easy to get and the nice thing is it was really wonderful number, one so now we're going to go to waterfalls number two which is supposed to be the best one, while this one is already okay.
This walk is a little bit longer than I expected I think we have been walking for about 25 minutes and we are not there yet, we're not even there at the river so well we're there at the river, but not where we have to cross yeah.

Another royalty free of aerial drone shot of Sendang Gile Waterfall
Another aerial drone shot of Sendang Gile Waterfall

we're not there yet so guys we have arrived at the river that we're supposed  to cross.  where do I cross ? because is there a pad that the other side, will check it out, no pad so I guess I will just have to take my shoes off, wear my flip-flops hope I don't get sicker and go to the other side.

I have to admit it is acting cold but it's quite refreshing too but not a question is will this lead to somewhere ridiculous. or no reason let's line up it looks like some kind of a path so fingers crossed
in 50 meters I will know more yes I think that some people would take a guy for this but I think we're so good my god I see stairs Wow is there wonderful yes those are wonderful so far ahead but we're getting there.

feel like Indiana Jones, haha, oh my god Wow Wow. It's my favorite, I am trying to fly a drone in the jungle but I need signal, that's so sad so we cannot flight a drone here, including no GPS here.

A royalty free of aerial drone shot of Sendang Gile Waterfall
Aerial drone shot of Sendang Gile Waterfall

This was awesome honestly my favorite place in Lombok so far I like this house but right now I love the lord of Lombok especially for these waterfalls, yes, and maybe some tips ;  bring shoes for the hiking, bring flip-flop for the river crossing for bring a towel because you're going to get wet.
Apart from that's awesome and another thing that's made of it less awesome is that we have to go through the river again and another 45 minutes getting back but it was worth it.

We spent well quite some time here almost a week we started in the south which was really nice with beaches and some green hills and even a pink sand beach but then we moved up all the way to the north where we check the waterfalls and I think overall lombok is a really nice green island, 
But if you like to surf if you like to see waterfalls if you just like to enjoy yourself on a beach then Lombok is a great spot to be correct.

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