Thursday, January 24, 2019

15 Activities in Gili Trawangan


This is 15 things to do on gili islands in no particular order.

Soon you go to the water strings for your dreamy Instagram pictures. They are located on the west side of the island near Ombak Villa.

Number 1: Go to Swing
The only thing is if you go during sunset you might have a lot of people queuing up for the swings unless you really want a sunset picture on the swings. I would recommend you to go there during the day when it's practically empty, then you can take your own sweet time for your pictures.

Number 2: Go explore around the island on a bike
it only costs 3 to 4 USD to rent a bike for the whole day 24 hours of Chile you can easily cycle around the island and you can go at your own pace, stay longer where you want to linger.

Number 3: Get a massage
It only costs between 10 to 16 USD leaves very cheap

Number 4: Go Island hopping
Since there are three islands: Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan or sonia, you could go on an island hopping choke. This is quite famous. There, the prices would normally be around 10 USD to 20 USD or even more depending on the activities whether it's a private boat and also which island you're going to. I would recommend you to spend time on each Island to see the differences between them. Even though they are so close, they have slightly different vibes.

Number 5: Eat by the beach
The islands are filled with restaurants and bars facing the sea and they are right on the beach even if I don't recommend it. I guess everyone is bound to have a nice dinner with a bottle of beer by the beach. It doesn't get any better than this.

free aerial drone shot of Eat by the beach on gili trawangan
 Eat by the beach on Gili trawangan

Number 6: Ride a horse cart - Cidomo
One interesting thing about Gili islands is that there are more motorized vehicles on the island. The mode of transportation available are ; on feet, on bicycle, and horse carts are almost everywhere and ringing bells will announce their arrivals. It is fun to ride them for once especially when you're heading over to your accommodation and you have a very big luggage.

free copyright a horse cart cidomo on gili trawangan gili air

Ride a horse cart cidomo on gili trawangan gili air

Number 7: Go swimming

Please do pay attention to the corals, it is very refreshing.

Number 8: Try the local street food
There are quite a number of Western restaurants on the island. This could make local food quite rare. Fortunately you can get cheaper local foods on the streets and at the night market. It is definitely worth it. One of my favorites is Bakso.

Number 9: Relax in a hammock
while cycling Around the island, we can find a few ham hocks and this is what we did. It was the most relaxing thing ever.

Number 10: Watch the sunset
for such a beautiful place You will definitely witness beautiful sunsets for sunset head over to the west of the island.

Number 11: Play with the locals
One of the ways to make your stay more fun is to mingle with the locals and play with them. It's true that sports and games do create new friendships. It’s such a joy to see people from different colors and cultures playing together.

Number 12: Shop at the local stores

We particularly like those selling cameras and frames with inspiring and motivational force. You also find a lot of shops selling crafts and accessories that would definitely be a girl's heaven. Guys, You will need to be patient on this one.

Number 13: Check out the underwater statues
One popular thing is the fascinating underwater statues near gili meno. It's a rather unique activity. I would say and they say that corals are expected to go on these statues. In the years to come, it will be  a new thing for us and definitely we will recommend.

Number 14: Go Turtle watching
We went for this in the afternoon and we could only spot a few turtles without getting any decent footage. It is recommended to go for this activity very early in the morning.

Number 15: Go kayaking
If you want something new, go for the transparent care. It is not you’re usual or pacaya and it would be a fun experience. However, we did not go for the transparent one because there were limitations on the distance that can be covered.

So this is it 15 things to do on Gili islands, trying to give you a glimpse of what you can do in your stay there.

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