About Lombok Island

Lombok Island, Beautiful Tourism Places
Lombok is one of beautiful islands in Indonesia. Because its beauty, it is described as "a beautiful princess who still asleep". Lombok Island is one of the small islands in Indonesia, and it is located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok is also located in between two world famous tourist places in Indonesia namely Bali Island and Komodo Island. In addition, Lombok is so beautiful, safe and comfortable for making a vacation because you can choose some valuable places. If you are tired of one place, you can move to other beautiful vocation places. You also will find a variety of unique cultures and traditions that mix from various other cultures such as the Balinese, Javanese, Bugis, Arabs etc. By seeing that situation, you can take the lesson that you can life nicely if you do mutual respect of existing differences.

Access to Lombok
Lombok Island can be accessed directly through Jakarta, Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by plane and if you come from Bali, you can utilize both by plane and ferry. Flight schedule is available every day with several regular flights, especially from Bali. Meanwhile, if you use ferry, it available every hour of regular ferry and if want to obtain quick journey, you can utilize fast ferry. Fast ferry is available only one per day to Lombok or from Lombok. In addition, to its beauty, the easy access also makes Lombok is visited by the tourists. Both local and foreign tourists present to see the awesome places. Although, they come from far places, but they will be happy if they have arrived in that amazing places, and do not wait anything if you want to get comfortable places, Lombok is a great answer to be considered.

Lombok Tourism Places
Based on the previous explanation, tourism objects of Lombok Island are very both beautiful and unspoiled. You can see ornamental fish and coral reefs in Gili Trawangan, flora and fauna as well as the wondrous natural nature at the top of Rinjani. Therefore, Lombok increasingly wins the hearts of tourists both domestic and foreign. Lombok Island is a tourist destination so they spend both their money and time to stay there for long time. The island is not inferior to the famous island of Bali based on the eye of foreign tourists, but now it becomes more famous than before. Lombok Island presents this much natural beauty, unique culture, and delicious food.

Lombok Hotel Reservation
Actually, if you want to make a long holiday, you need a hotel reservation. Do not worry, Lombok has provided it for you to obtain nice place. You can take a rest comfortably, if you want to eat or drink, you only make an order and you will obtain what you want quickly. Are you foreign tourists? You also will obtain a guide so you can ask anything with your English language because your guide will understand what you mean. For a good options of accommodation with discount price, please  visit Hotel Reservation in Lombok to obtain more information.