Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adventure in Lombok Island


Traveling is one of the most exciting activities in human life. There are many reasons why people loved to travel, and one of them is to refresh their mind and body. Well, as an individual we all agreed that we have to work hard and smart to get a better life, but nowadays many people become too busy and sometimes it make them stressed or even depressed. In this case, travelling is the best solution to forget about all routine activities for a while and enjoy your life. As an Indonesia citizen, I always thanks to the God because Indonesia is a rich country with many beautiful places, unique cultures and friendly people. As the biggest Southeast Asia country, Indonesia has many beautiful places that the world should know. The most well-known place is Bali, which is always called “Gods Island”. Yeah, Bali is located in the center of Indonesia between Java and Nusa Tenggara Island. But, if we dig further, you will get many beautiful places in Indonesia but less exposed compared to Bali. In this article I will explain more about Lombok, a beautiful island in Indonesia that will be perfect for your holiday.

gunung rinjani mount lombok

Lombok used to call as the “relative” of Bali Island. Well, this is because Lombok has many beautiful/exotic places just like Bali. However, I prefer Lombok since this place isn’t too crowded as Bali, so it will be perfect for refreshing. You will also feel that Lombok is more cultural, since it has many religions. Majority of people are Moslems, and some of them are Hindu, and this differences made Lombok a multi-cultural island that worth to visit.

Talk about Lombok, I became remember about my trip to this place last year. It was a memorable trip where I felt free in the nature and loved the hospitality of local citizen. Actually, I was planned to Bali, but in the middle of trip my cousins asked me to visit Lombok, so, I welcomed their offer. This trip was actually planned incorrectly, but thanks God it was still a lovely vacation. Started from the plan, at the first we actually want to visit my aunt in Bali. Well, because it was a sudden plan, then I had to search for the last minute ticket hahaha. I felt confused a bit, because I had to go to the several travel agents to get the best prices. I also, asked my friends, and thankfully Andy (one of y best friends) told me that I had to check Traveloka.com. Since I never used an online service, so I felt doubt back then. However, Andy tried to convince me, because he had book the flight ticket several times from Traveloka.

I became more curious about Traveloka, so I tried to search more info about them in the internet. Apparently in this research, I got information about them. Many people talked about them in the websites, blogs, forums and also social media, and most of them felt impressed about how Traveloka served them. In conclusion, I finally tried their service for the first time. Thankfully, the site is so informative, there are helpful information everywhere, so I didn’t get any difficulties to search, compare and book a flight to Bali. Oh ya, they have a very good system, as the first customer I felt impressed about their fast service. The booking procedures was very simple, no complex forms and various payment methods available. I prefer to pay with transfer method, since I didn’t have credit card. However, we have to pay them as soon as possible, accordance with the time limits (3 hours), and this method only able to used before 8 PM. So, if you want to choose this method, make sure to book flight in the morning or afternoon.

After I got an E-ticket in my email, I felt happy and satisfied with their service, and finally we can go to Bali. Yeaaayy…my adrenaline was pumped fast, because we felt excited. At last we can go holiday for almost a year busy with routine activities. In Bali, we spent two days and go to popular places like Ubud, and Kuta beach. In the third days, my cousins asked me to visit Lombok, and as I said earlier I decided to agreed and follow them to Lombok. It takes around 50 minutes until we get to Senggigi beach. All I can say is “awesome”, the beach is so beautiful. The mixture of white sand, blue sea and beautiful sky become a great picture in Senggigi beach. However, this place is still less beautiful a bit compared to GIli Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan is the most famous beach in Lombok, many people called it as “Party Island” for some reasons. I’ve heard that this place always held party every night, Interesting, isn’t it? To get into this beach, you have to ride a boat, and it takes almost 50 minutes. While in the boat, I felt enthusiast because the sea was so blue, clean, friendly citizen, and many more. The waves are quite big but this is one of the most interesting parts, and we really enjoy it. Until we arrived in Gili Trawangan, I saw many tress and I think this place surrounded with them. At the first sight, Gili Trawangan is indeed beautiful, far more beautiful than Senggigi beach. This place also has many facilities, such as biking, snorkeling or swimming. If you don’t want all of these activities, then you might try walking along the street, enjoying foods, and seeing some turtles or maybe you just want relax at beach enjoying the sun. However, you better to use sun-block cream and black eye-glass to avoid being burned by sun.

Overall, we have a great holiday last year, many beautiful places and lovely memories that we’ll always remember. Before we went back to Jakarta, we decide to buy some souvenirs for my family. Fortunately, the Sriwijaya Air that serve Jakarta route provides 15kgs baggage, so we can use this facility without have to pay extra charge. So, if you love traveling, then I suggest you to visit Lombok Island. This is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday, because it has everything you need to refresh all you mental and physic. Thanks

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