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Kuta Beach Lombok


Kuta Beach and South Coast of Lombok

Lombok Island was known as the beauty of the incredible coastline. For the beauty of this beach, Lombok is also not inferior to the neighbor island that more famous for many people in the world, Bali. Unequely, in Lombok also there is the beach with the same name with Bali, namely Kuta Beach. Nevertheless, Lombok Kuta Beach is still relatively quiet and virgin. It isn’t caused by its low beautiful, but it's not much exploration and promotion, so it is not too much known. Whereas, Kuta Beach and South Coast of Lombok is beauty and useful place to be visited as alternative holiday, you can invite your friend to join together with you to visit this place.

Phenomena of Kuta Beach
The most well-known place on the south coast of Lombok is Kuta Beach, an amazing stretch of white sand and blue sea with coral hills around, and you will see steep waves break. This place is considered a holy spot. This situation also occurs in several more places such as the Tanjung Aan coral. Kuta on the south coast of Central Lombok, it is also known as Princess Nyale Beach  is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches.  Because of its unspoiled, this place also is known as “virgin beach”

Green color at Kuta Beach Lombok occurs because coral reefs and marine life in underwater is still very well preserved. To enjoy this underwater beauty up close, you can also do snorkeling, but keep in mind that you have to be careful. You also do not to touch much less damaging coral reefs and underwater ecosystems that exist around Kuta Beach Lombok. Do you ever find that situation before you come here? If you only enjoy this situation right now, it is great opportunity for you because you are in the sensational place that will give you awesome phenomena.

At the edge of the beach, you'll see the green hills that stretch along the coastline. The unity among green hills will meet with a wide stretch of sand underneath. Of course, it will create a stunning color harmonization. Especially if the sky is bright, the unity between the blue sky beach water shading, to the hills that surround, it will be a gift from the Creator that we should guard it well. By obtaining all its beauty, it's time for you to feel the sensation of the beauty in Kuta Beach and South Coast of Lombok.

Culture in South Coast of Lombok
South coast of lombok also offers an interesting rural tour of small village and farming communities. As a result, you will find some of fields such as tobacco, corn, and peanuts. Majority of farmer still uses traditional-farming, so it will be amazing experience for you; you also will find other awesome cultures such as traditional rice barn, Lombok’s oldest mosque, traditional sasak architecture, and communal living within the compound. Those cultures will give you a history experience that Lombok is a place that has unique cultures.

kuta beach lombok
Kuta Beach Lombok

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